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Comparing How Two Short Fiction Writers Effectively Convey a Common Theme Essay Example for Free

Contrasting How Two Short Fiction Writers Effectively Convey a Common Theme Essay â€Å"A Visit of Charity† by Eudora Welty and â€Å"The Use of Force† by William Carlos Williams are both charming short stories including two youthful female characters who must face an affliction. Eudora Welty addresses a social affliction, utilizing an apathetic adolescent young lady as departure point, and depicts the deserting of the old in a home that is as cold as the treatment they are exposed to. Then again, Williams handles a physical affliction, and he portrays how a clinical specialist will put everything on the line not to disregard his obligation, regardless of whether he experiences opposition. Welty takes on a genuine, to some degree ridiculing tone, while Williams is altogether entertaining and practically amusing, yet sensible. In Welty’s short story, a high school named young lady Marian is the hero who incidentally leaves the bounds of her sheltered presence to visit a home for the matured to satisfy a necessity for Campfire Girls, a gathering that looks to create character in the young.â Instead of picking up the normal social advantages from the visit, Marian unexpectedly creates incredible anxiety and retreats. Both short story titles mirror their topics and plot, despite the fact that the titles may have different ramifications. â€Å"Visit† in Welty’s short story suggests Marian’s temporary and shallow encounterâ with older ladies in the foundation. Another conceivable importance of the title, â€Å"A Visit of Charity† is that in the realm of  apathetic youngsters, there might be an occurrence whenever life offers a chance to look past themselves and show support or sympathy for individual human  beings. The title might be considered at that point to be an instance of Charity visiting Marian by offering her the chance to help or give comfort or alleviation to the poor.  Being youthful and engrossed with her own plan, however, she fizzles, as most youngsters do, to enhance herself from an extraordinary chance to connect and be of administration to other people. With respect to â€Å"The Use of Force† by William Carlos Williams, the title from the outset glimpse summons a genuine or startling circumstance like the utilization of animal power, a typical subject in numerous abstract works. In â€Å"The Use of Force† by Williams, we see rather the confident hand  of a doctor who reacts to the obligation at hand as he conquers the impermanent mishap of a reluctant and shrewd, youthful patient who opposes him. The setting, characters, occasions and circumstances in both short stories wake up using striking language. At the point when Welty depicts the home for the matured asâ having dividers that ricochet off the winter daylight like a square of ice† (Welty 245) and halls that smell like the inside of a clock† (Welty 246), she gives perusers access on the pitiable predicament of the older ladies who suffer not simply the ineffectively enlightened and unkempt residence yet in addition the disregard and disdain of individuals depended to think about them, or society in general. Welty utilizes a ton of likenesses like these as the story advances. William moreover utilizes interesting expressions like representation as he amusingly portrays his involvement in the wicked Mathilda, the debilitated kid with overprotective guardians who are handily influenced by her impulses yet who care for her prosperity. Williams, for example portrays the enemy as follows: â€Å"The kid was reasonably gobbling me up with her cool, consistent eyes† (Stuber). There are likewise imageries in each short story.â In â€Å"A Visit of Charity,† the pruned plant that Marian brings to the home for the matured is only a thing or blessing that is anticipated from a visitor.â similarly, the older women are put in the home since it is the best activity, regardless of whether they are not given the real warmth and consideration they merit as individuals. In â€Å"The Use of Force,† the guardians of the wiped out youngster speak to a former period, when medication was not yet completely created as a science and antiquated cures were turn to.â The specialist may thusly speak to the western world’s current man or â€Å"savior† of those distressed with ailment. In â€Å"A Visit of Charity† by Eudora Welty, the principle character wants or focuses on her very own advantage.â interestingly, â€Å"The Use of Force† by William Carlos Williams delineates a doctor’s benevolent worry to be of help to his patient. In both short fiction stories, the characters connect and participate in discourse as a major aspect of a first-time experience. The discourse inhales life to the characters of the characters, permitting perusers to envision and identify with them better, while likewise propelling the plot and making the story significantly all the more fascinating. The two creators loan believability to the primary characters’ sees by first building up their age, sex. assignment or occupation, and the social class they speak to as observed from their method of dressing and discourse. Generally speaking, both William Carlos Williams and Eudora Welty are experts of the short story structure who are successfully ready to pass on significant social subjects through symbolism and portrayal, among different components of short fiction. Works Cited Stuber, Irene. The Use of Force by William Carlos Williams (1883-1963).† Classic Short Stories. 1995. 17 July 2008 Welty, Eudora. A Visit of Charity.† Modern Satiric Stories: The Impropriety Principle. Ed. Gregory Fitzgerald. Illinois: Scott, Foresman and Company, 1971. 245-246.

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Human Population and the Environment - Urbanization Essay Example for Free

Human Population and the Environment Urbanization Essay Urbanization can basically be viewed as the development and centralization of huge populaces upon a urban zone at the disadvantage of the provincial crowded. This is because of an intricate arrangement of monetary, segment, social, social, innovative, and ecological procedures (P. Knox, 2009). Our subject limits to the connection of urbanization and nature. To begin with, various natural advantages can be acknowledged because of urbanization; For example urban zones move huge populaces in a generally little zone in this manner there is all the more free ranger service land. Additionally a minimized, concentrated urban region implies more individuals strolling and less number of vehicles out and about, subsequently less carbon emanations from use of vehicles. Then again, there are various moves presented to the earth because of urbanization. The mass migration of individuals into urban regions have had a strain on framework and prompted poor sanitation and lodging that prompts ecological corruption. Lack of common sense leads additionally prompts air, water and commotion contamination because of ventures and network settlements. We see this issue tended to in the Moroccan Shelter redesigning in Agadir. Confronted with inadequate lodging and shanty towns possessed by a regularly expanding crowded, three activities are set up, one of which is the Tikiouine venture that contains three lodging territories being created and incorporates network cooperation and duty concerning their sewer lines and tertiary water. Also, the Tilburg city the board model offers a feasible five stage coordinated way to deal with organization of social, financial and natural arrangements in a city. The Tilburg model executes these arrangements up to the local level. In this manner guarantees that a â€Å"Basic Quality† is kept up and consequently limiting ecological hardship.

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Multiple Sclerosis Essay example -- Biology Essays Research Papers

Numerous Sclerosis Numerous sclerosis is a malady of the focal sensory system. It most generally happens in people between the ages of twenty and forty (1) and in higher quantities of ladies than men (2). In Multiple Sclerosis (or MS) lost the nerves' axon covering myelin restricts the nerve axons from proficiently leading activity and synaptic possibilities. Scar tissue (called plaques or injuries) structures at the focuses where demyelination happens in the cerebrum and spinal rope, thus the name Different Sclerosisor numerous scars (3). The demyelination saw in MS is thought as brought about by an immune system process, in which the body's safe framework assaults its own solid tissue (4). Different ailments thought to have an immune system premise are rheumatoid joint inflammation, foundational lupus and the insulin subordinate type of diabetes mellitus(5). In the safe framework, there are two kinds of white platelets, B-cells and T-cells. Lymphocytes exist in three structures, all answerable for various resistant framework reactions. Partner T-cells perceive remote antigens (the substance the insusceptible framework expects to devastate), animate counter acting agent creation, and produce cytokines (synthetics which go about as organic delivery people) which actuate other T-cells. These T-cells can perceive antigens through their receptors, made of protein atoms that specifically tie to certain different particles. Silencer T-cells play out a capacity speak to that of their assistant partners, killing the insusceptible framework reaction. Cytotoxic T-cells legitimately assault and devastate antigenic material (6). In MS, an obscure trigger actuates aide T-cells whose antigen explicit receptors perceive focal sensory system myelin as an antigen. While what precisely actuates these T-cel... ... MS GENETIC SUSCEPTIBILITY 25) VIRUSES 26) Remyelination Progress Reported 27) EXPERIMENTAL ALLERGIC ENCEPHALOMYELITIS 28) Current Research Updates 29) Virtual Hospital, Chapter 14: Neurology: MS Other WWW Sites 30) Knowledge Weavers 31) World of Multiple Sclerosis 32) National Multiple Sclerosis Society 33) MS Gateway 34) MS Gateway Glossary

Performance Management and Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Execution Management and Organizations - Essay Example Mullins (2005) fights that associations involve 'individuals, targets, structures' and 'the board'. Overseeing HR, keeping the investors in affableness, sorting out assets for new undertakings, arranging out advertising procedures are on the whole pieces of the administration which require more than the duplicate book style of the executives. Outside: These are the variables on which an association will be unable to apply a lot of its control. These incorporate, the lawful and political scene winning inside the state/nation of its tasks, number and kinds of contenders, providers in the market, terms and conditions from budgetary organizations, elective items accessible in the market, more up to date mechanical advancements and so forth. Specialists should deal with these components by arranging fitting reactions. Worthington (2006) places more noteworthy significance on political improvements happening at various levels - nearby, national and worldwide. Associations resort to vital intending to deal with these elements and Organizations gain so much from that point condition and winning conditions. In any case, the key goal alone can't be arranged all ahead of time. It must be a persistent transformative procedure relying on the encounters. Henry Ford stated, Disappointment is the chance to start again more intelligently1 Organizations also adjust their procedures as indicated by the overarching conditions and the general business situation. Associations and their administration shouldn't enjoy legislative issues and the force game. Be that as it may, the administration is simultaneously required to bring the association through the good and bad times of the occasions. Butcher and Clarke (2003) express that 'administrators frequently appear to battle with their job'. There are times when chiefs are faced with incomprehensible circumstances. Under such conditions, the hypotheses and important remedy may give off an impression of bein g lacking for their requirements. Such conditions require some measure of political sharpness with respect to the administration. Globalization has in truth given wings to MNCs to investigating more current vistas of business openings, managing fresher arrangements of clients and governments. So as to use the economies of scale some MNCs want to re-appropriate their administrations from Europe and US to nations like India, China (Bracken, 2004). This sort of business is loaded with hazard as it includes giving over a vital undertaking to individuals who are not even close to the traditions/societies of the association, includes facing political challenges both at home just as in outside terrains. Many political protests have been raised against the re-appropriating choices by certain organizations; as such advances are bringing about an expansion in joblessness in those nations from where these administrations are being re-appropriated. Then again this progression is bringing about greater work age in the nations which are the redistributing goals. Such voices have likewise been 'oversaw' well by the administration of the organizations in re-appropriating business, which couldn't have been managed without some direct understanding of political mobility. The political foundation is

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Business Ethics of of IRGreat Co Samples †

Question: Examine about the Business Ethics of IRGreat Co. Answer: The business or an association is represented by a lot of qualities, standards, norms, and standards alluded to as business ethics(Drucker, 2018). The morals have two measurements, engaging and regulating. A regulating field is significantly utilized in participate practices and profession specializations(Bhishmendra, 2007). Expressive angles are dealt with by scholastics who are attempting to inquire about increasingly about a business conduct. Business morals decide the central motivation behind an organization. For instance, the essential objective of IRGreat Co. is to discover an answer for the current plastic jugs. Trust of an association by the workers, clients and the overall population assembles the associations achievement. This trust is constantly accomplished through the act of respectability in the strategic policies. An association isn't required to do this in light of the legitimate gauges set by the specialists but since it is the proper activity. IRGreat Co. should ma ke the best choice through the acquaintance of an option with plastic containers however it has neglected to be trustful since it has chosen to present an item which is more unsafe to the earth than the current one. From the contextual investigation, Deans colleague ends up being an individual of high respectability since he is guided by what is all in all correct to do yet not what his manager needs him to so. For a business to be fruitful, it must show a few if not all morals portrayed in this paper. In any case Product uprightness, this is imperative to the individuals who buy the items. It brings to organize open observation and acknowledgment of the brand(Lotich, 2016). IRGreat Co. claims to have thought of an item that is better contrasted with the current plastic containers as per Dean's report. However, it is in opposition to what research center outcomes appeared after the test. Along these lines I accept that, Dean's associate choice to make known about the research facility results that the item going to be arranged is more hazardous than the ebb and flow plastic jugs is a smart thought. It is useful for an organization to make it a culture to work with trustworthiness as this enables new representatives to comprehend that working with genuineness is the best approach to do things. This spares associations regard and request in the profoundly serious market. Keeping of guarantees is extremely crucial for any association to thrive(Bennett, 2014). This is the reason Deans partner sees it option to keep the guarantees he made to Dean about buckling down for IRGreat Company to sign an arrangement with the sodas organization. Moral independence is tied in with being by and by mindful, keen and astute enough to suit the occupations of those individuals you communicate with(Kant, 2015). A business, for instance, ought to be insightful enough not to present a product in the market that will demolish the employments of its clients and the overall population on the loose. Honesty is an essential factor. An organization is required to be honest to its clients. This encourages the organization to keep getting a charge out of solid help from its clients. Senior members colleague strategy to uncover the effects of the item IRGreat Co. was going to offer to the sodas organization was a shrewd choice as indicated by me. This is on the grounds that, thus ly, he will have kept up his trust to his kids on making a without carbon condition. Perceiving the distinction among good and bad is one character of moral people(Brian, 2018). These people consistently progress in the direction of setting a case of moral lead. In business, for one to be good, the individual needs to apply genuineness and reasonableness on how they identify with their associates and clients on the loose. One should, to be straightforward with their clients on the preferred position and inconveniences of an individual item. Dignitaries right hand at IRGreat Co. chosen not to shroud the way that, treatment of their item changed the result to something different more perilous than what the item was accepted to be. He felt that it was acceptable to treat everybody in a way that he wished to be tended to. Having steadfast clients is the way to long-extend business achievement. Serving similar clients with poise keeps up organizations' notoriety which consequently helps quickens the organization's picture a factor that assists with acquiring more clients. Natural preservation is constantly a significant worry for each business. It is a necessity for any business to be thinking about the earth as it is the mother of the considerable number of chances. Senior member's associate felt that it was perfect for him to be straightforward in light of the fact that what IRGreat Co. was to acquaint with the earth was intended to muddle the wellbeing of the circumstance. This could absolutely squander the all the potential chances. To my decision, organizations ought to watch moral qualities each opportunity to empower their achievement in the market. References Bennett, T. (2014, April 4). 12 Business Ethics Examples. Recovered from models/ Bhishmendra, P. K. (2007). Moral Theories about Business. Business Ethics. Brian, H. (2018, March 26). The Advantages of Ethical Behavior in Business. Recovered from Chron: conduct business-21067.html Drucker, P. (2018). What is Business Ethics? The Public Intrest Spring (63), 18-31. Kant, I. (2015, August 16). What is Moral Autonomy? Recovered from Quora: independence Lotich, P. (2016, August 24). 6 Ways to Demonstrate Ethics and Integrity in Your Business. Recovered from The Thriving Small Business Vision-Strategy-Development-Growth: of-business-morals and-trustworthiness/

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Explaining The Nursing NMC Code Of Conduct

Explaining The Nursing NMC Code Of Conduct Nursing plays a vital role in health care serving as a means of the care delivery and linking a patient with the system. In this vein, nursing is regarded as a synonym of caring with the care carried out in an ethnically decisive way (Lawson Peate, 2009). When addressing, caring for and implementing the prescribed treatment to a patient, nursing relies on ethical principles along with the industry-accepted standards of care. The duty of care legally enforced in nursing has blurred the lines between healthcare law and ethics. Thus, law embodies a variety of ethical concepts, including informed consent, patient rights, access to care, confidentiality, withholding and withdrawing care and postcode prescribing (Hyde, 2008). In addition to ethical requirements, nursing is a moral and human endeavour, as it exposes nurses to various healthcare situations, the resolution of which implies consideration of the moral aspect rather than a medical one. Given evidence cited above, nursing has been historically bound with the notion of duty. The duty of care has remained pivotal in the present-day nursing because of the intrinsic association between concepts of rights and duties (Beckwith Franklin, 2007). In other words, once the duty is established, a patient is eligible for care, which imposes both a legal and moral responsibility on a nurse to carry out and facilitate care delivery. Therefore, nursing activities and performance require control for compliance with healthcare ethics and morale. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is the Parliament-assigned organisation responsible for protecting the public with high standards of care provided to patients and clients by nurses and midwives. In this respect, this regulatory body seeks to identify and determine the standards of professional conduct and enforcing healthcare professionals to implement these standards in their daily practice and routine. Ethics and honesty represent the core values of the NMC framework (Lawson Peate, 2009). The NMC Code of Professional Conduct is the core legally enforced ethical guideline for nursing. It sets for high standards of care to be demonstrated during professional endeavours expecting high level of compliance among all practitioners. Indeed, the initial code of professional conduct was introduced by the UKCC in line with the Nurses, Midwives and health Visitors Act (1979). The content of the ethical framework was further expanded by the UKCC Scope of Professional Practice released in 1992 and the Guidelines for Professional Practice of 1996 (Woolrich, 2008). In 2002, the NMC developed and launched a code of professional conduct to cover contents of the three documents, thus, setting a uniform guideline for professional ethics and standards of care. Having established the sole authority to oversee and regulate the nursing practice, the NMC updated the guideline of professional ethics in 2004 (Hyde, 2008). Along with the reviewed and expanded content of the ethical framework, t he document received a new title â€" NMC Code of Professional Conduct: Standards for Performance and Ethics. Another update took place in 2008 to rename the guideline into The Code: Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics for Nurses and Midwives (Woolrich, 2008). Statements and standards outlined by the code of professional conduct aim at reinforcing the concept of duty to align the nursing practice and the performed activities with the notion of care (Wilkinson, 2008). Hence, the NMC Code is fundamental for safeguarding the public health and well-being in terms of the nursing care received. Moreover, principles of the NMC Code rooted in healthcare law and basic healthcare values lay down the ground for effective practice. As already indicated above, the code of professional nursing conduct has been regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the current patient needs and preferences in the ethics, conduct and performance of nurses in the contemporary health care. The NMC Code relies on the key principles that align professional responsibilities of nurses with human rights to form an ethical aspect of professional behaviour that is likely to meet expectations of the community regarding the role of health care (Beckwith Franklin, 2007). By dist inguishing the moral dimension of the nursing practice, the code emphasises public protection and individual nurse’s accountability for the behaviour and care carried out in support of patient health and well-being.

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Analysis of Tragedy in Agamemnon - Literature Essay Samples

Historically, Greek tragedies have been used as a means to convey particular political and ethical testimonials about society, usually in order to convey certain morals or to ensure order. In such chronicles, a protagonist grapples with a particular conflict or sets of conflicts, usually pertaining to some universal moral code. Aeschylus The Oresteia, like many Greek tragedies, is no exception to the rule. The Oresteia, like many other Greek tragedies of its time, deals with issues of justice, honor, and kinship. However, the play itself does so in a way that even mystifies the audience. Unlike other Greek tragedies, it is difficult to ascertain whom exactly the protagonists and antagonists are. Moreover, The epic itself presents the audience with characters who are righteous in a sense, but very flawed morally. Agamemnon is such a character.From what we are told by the chorus in the beginning play of the trilogy, Agamemnon is first presented to us as a man of honor, bravely l eading his troops into victory during the Trojan War. But then we are told that Agamemnon, in order to change the winds to win the battle of Troy, sacrificed his own daughter, Iphigenia. The complexity of Agamemnons character leaves the audience spellbound- is the man cruel, ambitious, virtuous? Before examining Agamemnons acts, it is important to note the historical and political context for which the play was written. In the context of this particular story, the act of sacrificing ones kin for the sake of the state could indeed be deemed as righteous. Because Greek plays were very political, the theme of family loyalty was oftentimes presented as a danger for society and order. Unlike the Romans who worshipped family, Grecians were more focused on the importance of the state. Like in Sophocles Antigone, going against the state for the sake of family loyalty is seen as a very dangerous thing to do, resulting in dire consequences for all. Because of the historical and politic al context of the play, Agamemnons decision to sacrifice his daughter could be deemed as a logical decision, especially since the sacrifice was for the sack of Troy and the victory of the Greek army.However virtuous the act itself may have seemed given the context of the play, Agamemnon sacrifice of his daughter was faulted nonetheless, therefore making him a complex, multi-faceted character. It could be argued that out of sheer ambition, Agamemnon murdered his daughter. This is very important to note because the theme of ambition is what began the conflict of the trilogy in the first place. Remember, ambition is what originally sparked the ill-fated curse upon the house of Atreus (Agamemnons father) when he maliciously murdered Thyestes and his children. Now, Agamemnons responsibility for the bloodshed of his daughter for the sake of ambition is another ill-fated curse that has come upon his household for which the consequence will be his own death.Despite the ill-fated decisio ns of Agamemnons ambition, he is depicted as virtuous nonetheless. The chorus presents Agamemnon as a moral character, facing a dilemma whether or not to kill his own daughter. This kind of dilemma is the kind of dilemma a protagonist would be faced with. Remember, Agamemnon fought the city of Troy for the sake of virtue, therefore making him a virtuous character. And like a protagonist, the heroic Agamemnon is faced with a conflict regarding whether or not to kill his daughter Iphigenia after he is commanded by the goddess Artemis to do so in order to spare the lives of his cavalry. Agamemnon contemplates this conflict with much grief:If I obey the goddess, and kill my daughter-What do I become?A monster to myself, to the whole world,And to all future time, a monsterWearing my daughters blood .But if I deny the goddess, then what happens?Will it be worse?An utter defeatFor us all. And for me-Disaster. As if I deserted this army,Disguised, a traitor to my oath,Shorn of honou r.Agamemnon p. 13This statement gives us some insight on Agamemnons psyche and hence, his character. Although we are told of his act against his daughter, Iphigenia, we are given insight on Agamemnons moral dilemma, therefore giving the audience the impression that this character does in fact have a sense of virtue and principles. In a sense, Agamemnons sacrifice of his daughter is somewhat justified in that if he did not obey the command of the goddess, Artemis, it would have led to utter destruction of his army and of the honor code he must follow in order to be a noble ruler. Like a classic protagonist of Greek tragedies, Agamemnon is faced with a trying conflict in which he must make an ill-fated decision.However virtuous and honorable a picture the chorus portrays of Agamemnon, it is not long before we see that Agamemnon is flawed yet again. When Agamemnon makes his victorious return from Troy he proudly parades Cassandra, his mistress, before his wife and the chorus. We now are presented with an Agamemnon who is very arrogant and disrespectful to his seemingly faithful wife (surprisingly even to the standards of the Greek Hellenistic period). When Agamemnon speaks to his wife, he does so with contempt and disrespect:Guardian of my name, of my home,Great-hearted woman that you are,Daughter of Leda-Your eulogies are like my absence:Too long, too muchAgamemnon, p. 43Yet again the audience is left questioning whether or not Agamemnon is the protagonist or the antagonist. Unlike classical tragic protagonists, Agamemnons flaws are dishonorable. Despite Agamemnons long absence from Argos, he does not greet his wife with words of delight as she does to him. Instead, he embarrasses her in front of the chorus and his new mistress, Cassandra.Agamemnon presents to us another dishonorable flaw in his character during this dialogue between he and his wife. Although he initially refuses to step on the carpet Clytamenstra has had prepared for him, she cunning ly induces him to do so, thereby coercing him to go against his principles. This is a key scene in the play because originally Agamemnon refuses to walk the carpet because he does not want to be hailed as a god:Do not speak these purple clothsThat should be spread only for gods,Yes, only for the feet of gods,For the feet of descended gods.Do not spread them for me.Greet me as a man.Greet me as a god and the godsWill punish us all.Agamemnon p. 43However, through much badgering, Cytemnestra finally convinces Agamemnon to walk on the carpet. Because Agamemnon defies his principles we see another weakness of this arrogant king.Although Agamemnons physical presence in the Oresteia trilogy is very brief, his characters moral dilemma sets the stage for the entire play. Each character in the play has some sort of dilemma that he/she must face for the sake of justice. Clytemnestra must face the dilemma of avenging her daughters death by murdering her husband, both Orestes and Electra mus t murder their own mother and her lover in order to avenge their fathers death, Aegisthus must avenge the death of his brother, and all the while the furies maintain responsibility for making sure no one kills their own blood relation. With this set up of the story, moral conflict for the sake of justice is inevitable and there is bound to be a blood bath.Because Agamemnon sacrificed his daughter for the sake of ambition and the curse of Atreus (Agamemnons father), both crimes ignited a spark in the trilogy that compels each character to seek a revenge that has no end. Appropriately enough for Greek drama, each of these characters feel some sort of moral and ethical responsibility to murder or torment for the sake of justice. But had not Agamemnon and Atreus sparked the initial flame to the curses, this vicious cycle would have been less likely to occur and such bloodshed would have not transpired.Ruler of Argos and wife to Clytemnestra, Agamemnon is quite a complicated character and it is very difficult to distinguish whether he is virtuous or immoral. Like a two-sided coin, we are given multi-facets of Agamemnon as a character. At times he is depicted as being very moral, and at other times, very immoral. Although presented very briefly in the play, his actions are the reasons for much of the conflict in the play regarding the other characters. Not only that, but Agamemnons hopeless dilemma to seek vengeance through the use of violence sets the stage for much of the dilemmas yet to come in the trilogy, thereby making Agamemnon an essential character in this Greek tragedy.